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Meteorological Chromatography Autosampler

A gas chromatograph is an instrument used to separate and analyze complex mixtures of multiple components. It usually consists of a gas circuit system, a sample injection system, a separation system (column system), a detection and temperature control system, and a recording system.

Gas chromatograph uses and application areas are mainly:

  1. Oil and petrochemical analysis: chemical analysis in oil and gas field exploration, crude oil analysis, refinery gas analysis, simulated distillation, oil analysis, analysis of single hydrocarbon, analysis of sulfur/nitrogen/oxygen-containing compounds, analysis of gasoline additives, analysis of aliphatic hydrocarbons, analysis of aromatics.

  2. Environmental analysis: air pollutant analysis, water analysis, soil analysis, solid waste analysis.

  3. Natural gas macronutrient analysis: the selection of thermal conductivity detector, applicable to city gas with natural gas O2, N2, CH4, CO2, C2H6, C3H8 and other components of the macronutrient analysis.

Therefore, the use of gas chromatograph covers the fields of chemical analysis, petrochemical industry, environmental monitoring and so on.