• Refrigeration Compressor lubricant
    Polyol esters POE
    Alkyl benzene AB
    Polyether PAG
    Mineral Oil MO
  • Air compressor lubricant
  • Specialty Process Gas Compressor lubricant
  • Open Gear lubricant
  • Textile equipment lubricant
  • Turbine turbine lubricant
  • Chain lubricant
  • Organic Heat Carrier
Alkyl benzene AB

Jeelube AB is a refrigeration compressor lubricant with a high quality structure of alkylbenzene base fluids and additives, the excellent formulation system and selected raw materials to ensure that this series of products in the air refrigeration compressor applications and refrigeration cycle system for a long time and stable operation, can effectively protect the operation of the compressor, longer life.

  • Alkyl benzene AB
    Alkyl benzene AB